Guys, we love you!

You, the AoE community, are something very special. We always knew that. And yet you always leave us speechless. 2,000€ for forest protection. You are amazing. You are unique. We love you.

Usually, our AoE legends are known for logging trees with hundreds of villagers. But that doesn't mean we don't care about the forest. It’s quite the opposite, as forest dieback has become a real problem. 

That's why we launched a charity stream together with our partner Games Forest Club. For eight hours, our players streamed to protect the ancient German forest. First, our "boys" competed against each other in two teams, then later in a free-for-all. In keeping with the theme, the Forest Nothing mode was played twice with a wink of the eye, taking deforestation to a whole new level.

You can view our work on the Games Forest Club map via the following deep link: 

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you all again. To the players, spectators, and of course, everyone who donated. You are the best! Guys, we really love you.